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RIP Bernie

I miss Bernie, man. I had a good day yesterday, we play two games, I hit three doubles and a homer, the bats feelin' good, man, but sad all day cause of Bernie. Good kid.

Bellhorn come up to me yesterday, ask me help him work on his swing, give some tips. He gots a funny look on his face like he laughing at me or sumthin'. I don' know what the story with that guy, whatever, I tell him we get together sometime soon an' do some work. He one weird guy, man.

Pedro ain't returning my phone calls no more, that ain' cool. I just wanna know wassup. Just cause he got traded, don' mean we ain' friends no more, right? Pedro, man, what's with the 'tude, man?
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Man, I'm so sad about Bernie being gone...he was awesome. I was gonna teach him to play guitar too :(

Heh, Pedro's like that at times. sometimes he's talkative and somedays he's not. I talked to him briefly here and there, but I haven't for a few days. He'll be fine.

As for Bellhorn, he's just being Bellhorn.
Bronson understands...Pedro does not always have time to talk, but his friends are always in his heart! :)
David! I can't believe you would think that about me! :( I have just been busy lately.

You seem to be good friends with Edgar lately. He seems like a nice guy, classy.
Yeah man, Edgar's all right, he's a good dude.

I don't mean to rag on you none, Pedro, we buddies, right? I give you a call when we get back from this road trip. Maybe you and me gonna hang, yeah?