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Yeah, I was surprised that Tito switched me and Manny in the lineup, but it's cool, I gonna adjust. Tito know what he doing, he the boss.

Too bad we lost tonight, but Manny got #400 and he so happy, man, it's funny to see. He bouncing off the walls tonight man. He ain't never gonna get to sleep. Almost wish I didn't agree to share a room wit him in Oakland, but whatever man, is cool.

I slipped on something on the floor of the plane, almost killed myself falling over. I think it was one of them damn grapes the boys been throwing at Bronson while he sleeping. That ain't cool man, that some dangerous shit. I coulda broke my neck, who be laughing then? Grapes, man, shit. Thass just stupid.

Millar laughed his damn head off at me falling over too, man. I'ma kick his ass.

Well, Manny just went out in the hall lookin' for a party, so I better catch some z's before he come back.
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